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Hertz is the largest car rental company in the world, given its economic size and the size of its vehicle fleet. It is the largest car rental franchise trade name internationally. In 1918, the Company founded in Florida, USA is to the present day in the first position in the car rental business. In addition, it has been recognized by the tourism industry for years in a row for the top quality of its services, winning numerous prestigious awards for the best car rental company in the world. The core growth is its human potential and proficient staff. Employees and executives of our company are scrupulously selected, hold higher education degrees and have extensive experience in their field. In recent years, the association has implemented an ambitious training program for a large part of its staff, aimed at improving the services offered. Hertz discount code and promo

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Do you know the common point between New York taxis and Hertz? Yellow! If the colour of the company logo is the same colour as that of the bodywork of the mythical Yellow Cab, it is not a coincidence. Indeed, in 1915, John Hertz founded the Yellow Cab Company in Chicago. At the time, taxis are red and green. To differentiate himself from his competitors, the businessman decides to adopt the yellow. Soon, the company's success spread to other cities in the United States and yellow spreads across the Atlantic. But in 1923, John Hertz left the company to buy the small company of Walter L. Jacobs. A former car salesman, the 22-year-old American launched the first car rental agency in 1918 in Chicago. Hertz promo code and voucher

Attracted by the success of this venture, John Hertz takes the lead in his fleet of twelve cars.  The company changes its name to Hertz Drive Ur Self Corporation and the contractor chooses its favourite colour for the new logo. Over time, the company is growing at the pace of its fleet and attracts the greetings of General Motors, Omnibus Corporation and United Airlines who buy it in turn. Finally, in December 1987, a group of investors acquired Hertz Corporation. With judicious strategic choices, the company will become the world's leading car rental company.

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Hertz's success is based on four strengths. The geographical coverage of its agencies guarantees it an irrefutable reputation. Located in the four corners of the globe, it has showcased in major city centers, railway stations and international airports, all strategic locations for vehicle rental. Its large fleet of automobiles is likely to appeal to a larger number of customers with diverse needs. While utilities and small city cars are still on the rise, today the company is betting on green vehicles and exceptional cars (Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini) to open up new horizons. The wide range of rental options (FlexiRent, Hertz 369, Pack Pro) offered by the brand is also a guarantee of success with individuals, but also companies and associations. Indeed, Hertz offers special discounts and offers professionals a special fleet of vehicles for rental by the day or year. Click on Hertz promo code and discount.

Hertz is distinguished by its sense of innovation. It was the first company to offer a GPS service, the rental of motor homes or the sale of its used cars through its Rent2Buy service. Since its creation, the brand has always been part of a strategy to internationalize its services. It has built a real empire with more than 8,500 branches in 146 countries. If car rental remains its main vocation with more than 25 million bookings per year, the trademark is gradually tending to diversify the offer of its services. With its subsidiary equipment, it offers a range of equipment for construction companies. With Claim Management Corporation, it provides automotive claims management solutions. As for its subsidiary Local Edition, exclusively present in the US, it allows the rapid replacement of cars out of use or under repair. This diversity of professions is today the true strength that seems indelible from its place and from being the number one. The world's best car rental company is awarded prestigious awards for the consecutive years by Business Traveler. Take advantage of Hertz voucher codes.


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