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If you are always on a quest to buy the best outdoor and high-quality travel clothing, we invite you to visit Rohan. The store shows you an extensive catalogue of outdoor wear for the countryside and the city, exclusively selected for you. You can never get enough of the latest and optimum quality outdoor and travel wear style. So are you looking for clothing, shoes, and accessories for trekking and hiking? Rohan got you covered. If you are unsure of the size or styles, the team will help you choose the best for trekking and hiking. Click on the Rohan discount code to grab the best price offer.


Outdoor and comfort at the same time

At Rohan, there are many options available, but the most important factor will always be comfortable. The difference between trekking and hiking always determines the type and use of shoes and clothing you need for your walk. The first thing is how much weight you plan to carry and the trail's characteristics. When buying hiking shoes, you should also consider your personal preferences. Not all people like trekking shoes. Some might opt for mountain boots since they are sturdy and seem heavy. However, some wear trekking shoes in a form of protection. For the latest discounts, we bring you Rohan voucher code.


Rohan takes you on a journey.

Knowing what type of outdoor clothing and footwear suits us is something that Rohan lets you discover. In some cases, we use trekking boots. In other cases, we prefer hiking shoes. How to buy trekking boots and hiking shoes? There is not just one but three categories: trekking boots, hiking shoes, and trail running shoes. The classic trekking or mountaineering boots are made with a leather upper, a thick rubber sole, and a midsole of polyurethane foam (PU). Its construction is solid thanks to the incorporated rock plates, and the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) support rods increase its rigidity and resistance to torsion. Now take a pause and order your outdoor footwear now. Take advantage of our Rohan discount codes. 


Rohan solves your outdoor footwear needs.

Rohan offers the finest assortment of trekking shoes and trail running shoes. The runner movement has strongly influenced this category, so you have to be careful when choosing hiking shoes since many models, especially the newer ones, are too flimsy for a walk in the mountains. The most promising models for a hiking walk are those made with a nylon mesh upper and a reinforced exoskeleton. In addition, trekking shoes must have a midsole and outsole that provide protection and rigidity to the sole.

Outdoor travel shoes are versatile and scaled-down as they are more resistant and comfortable at the same time. Some call them low-cut mountaineering boots. Often hikers do not know how to buy boots or trekking shoes? And it is something that makes a lot of sense since when we go out on our first hiking walk. We want to be comfortable, have good performance, but, above all, take care of our feet.

Today some experienced hikers no longer consider this much of a debate, as many hikers have adopted trail running shoes as trekking and hiking shoes. 


At Rohan, the collection is chic and comfortable at the same time. 

Contrary to what we might think, not everyone wears specialized trekking and hiking shoes when they go on a mountain trek. But this does not mean that hiking shoes are dead. On the contrary, hiking shoes are still in force and are by no means as outdated as some would think. On the contrary, many brands have focused on improving the functionality and resistance of trekking shoes. The best is yet to offer: Rohan promo code. Check our page for more exciting Rohan discount codes.

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