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Air New Zealand discount code offers a network of eight exclusive international trade shows around the world. Our flights are comfort and fun at an affordable price with gastronomy and upscale entertainment. Consult the list of our salons for more information. Our Economy Skycouch innovation is the ideal solution for a parent who is traveling with a young child or a parent with two restless kids, or for a couple who wants a little more space. With 18,500 km to travel from France, the flight to New Zealand is one of the longest in the world. Our cabin plans will provide you with all the necessary information. Discover about the registration of international flights on our website. Explore the originality and creativity of cuisine in our menus. Discover all our entertainment options at your leisure. Once seated on board, you can immediately start your entertainment system on demand and enjoy it for the entire flight. Air New Zealand discount code and promo codes apply.


Air New Zealand discount code the UK has won numerous awards that attest to its professionalism by its peers but also by its passengers. In order to increase its reputation and the excellence of its image, the organization had the idea of turning Product Placement upside down. Instead of making advertisements where one sees a branded Air New Zealand or logotype on the wing, the management has thought of acquiring a mascot in the British neo accent.

The beginning of the story:

It is not its first innovation to distinguish itself from its competitors. The story begins on April 26, 1940, when the airline Tasman Empire Airways Limited (TEAL), its ancestor, is created. The first TEAL flights between Australia and New Zealand were then operated by seaplanes. Then, over the years, the company continues to expand the size and scope of its activities, as well as its international network.

New Zealand has a rich and fascinating history, reflecting its 700-year-old Maori heritage and the arrival of the Europeans at the end of the 18th century. The airline proposes to make four stops from a choice of ten destinations over a period of one year. Now you can imagine that you're shopping in Hong Kong, bungee jumping in Queenstown, diving in Cooks Island, or spending a day or two exploring the amusement parks in Los Angeles with Air New Zealand.

The company is well aware that with the launch of its round the world ticket, it fulfills the dream of those who did not imagine one day could afford one.  All flights of the traveller'sf itinerary are recorded on one ticket, valid for one year. If the holder of this dream pass changes his mind on the destinations of his journey, his ticket can be changed without charge. As for the price fixed at €1402, it can slightly vary according to the taxes depending on the countries visited.

The formula presents four major stops: Asia, North America, Australia and the Pacific Islands. The site offers ten destinations to choose from. They can make stops in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Tokyo. In North America, flights stop in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver. In the Pacific Islands, the holidaymaker has a choice between the Cook Islands, Samoa or Tonga. Have you applied the voucher code?

An audacious company

The association takes you to different destinations depending on the continents. There are some locations favorable to rest and pleasurable to the eyes, others to the excitement of the world. And to enrich a personalized journey, other places such as Noumea, Sydney or Tahiti are offered as an option for an additional fee.

The company presents some ideas of routes such as Paris / Hong Kong / Auckland / Los Angeles / Cook Islands / Paris or even from Lyon, a circuit Los Angeles / Fiji / Auckland / Shanghai / Lyon.  But the explorers are free of their routes and can even change the city of arrival in relation to the one from which they want to take off. Click to avail the best promo code.