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World of Warships is a game between players set in naval battles. They have a role-playing component to be able to choose ships and World of Warships Submarines with different statistics, captains, and inspirations or modules. All you need is command management. It is free and available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Its PC version is different and is available through Steam. World of Warship consists of naval battles formed by two teams of nine-member players on different maps selected by the game randomly with a maximum duration of 15 minutes per battle. Each time a different combination of the three types of ships, destroyers, cruisers, and battleships participate in the battle. Are you excited to play? Get a discount on the World of Warship promo codes. You can also use the bonus code.


World of Warships stands out from other online games for its high component of strategy and team play that it is pivotal to achieve victory. Each game has an objective that can be between domination and capturing the enemy base. The first one that reaches 1000 points or reducing the opponent to 0. Points are obtained by destroying enemy ships. They are reduced if Allied ships are destroyed, capturing the different bases located on the map that progressively grant points while they remain captured without being contested. Domination depends on the map between 3 and 4. In the domination mode, the bases are captured in less time than it takes in the enemy base capture mode. Check out the World of Warships EU Forum for more. Additionally, click on the World of Warship discount code.


The more damage received, the more progress subtracted. These ships can be purchased with a wealth of global experience or by purchasing doubloons for real money. The benefit is that they have a bonus in the experience granted so that it is easier to get experience with these ships. Each ship has different statistics grouped into 4 sections: survival, artillery, maneuverability, concealment, and torpedoes if available. Some have statistics that are more suitable for close and medium-range combat and others with greater precision at greater distances, firing range, maximum speed, and reload time. World of Warships is a free-to-play or pay-to-win game with optional purchases that allow you to advance in the game faster. Check out the Word of Warship Voucher and online World of Warships codes.