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With Dulux Decorator Centre discount code and voucher codes, Dulux paints reach to your walls. Established in the United States in the 18th century from the name of an American of French origin, the brand puts all its know-how to guarantee all the best effect. Dulux is a legendary brand that offers industrial to commercial painting supplies at the forefront of trends.

Dulux Decorator Centre discount code offers a full range of value-added paints, exclusively through our Decorator Centres in the UK, in addition to a wide range of rust and wood-based coatings. In 2015, the brand introduced its "international" palette worldwide. The manufacturer offers rich colours that evoke exotic destinations. The classic shade featured in this palette is a Caribbean Sea Blue called Tropical Night. In 2016, the colour palette added ocher with golden influences, bright enough to attract attention and combining beautifully with other shades. Looking for discounts? Click Dulux Decorator Centre discount code and voucher codes.

Dulux Decorator Centres today offer unlimited shades ranging from Blanc de Blanc to Lapis Lazuli through Rouge Madras or Caramel Blond, Iced Brown, Wheat Ears and Vanilla Milk to combine with soothing tones. For an elegant or baroque style, the brand always offers a range of colors that blend harmoniously.

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Today, Dulux Valentine is an essential name for interior decoration painting. We invite you to discover the incredible epic of this company and all its innovations that we have adopted in the house. The story dates back to the 18th century and begins in the United States, where Valentine, an American of French origin, specializes in carriage painting. It was then in 1925 that France welcomed the company under the name Compagnie des Vernis Valentine from the American company and Lemoine establishments. The brand moved to Gennevilliers and it is then specialized in paints and varnishes dedicated to the automobile. It was until 1930, the brand's reputation grew to become one of the major players in the world of decorative painting.

Dulux does not belittle its excellent reputation. It is the world leader in premium paint brands. The guiding principle is to live up to its reputation with a verifiable and comprehensive performance that customers recognize and expect. We are dedicated to delivering quality products and high-performance solutions, along with unparalleled technical expertise. Our decorative paintings enrich people's lives by giving beauty to their environment. You may not realize it, but every day, wherever you go, you can see our work. From hospitals to neighbourhood schools to your neighbour's home, our products are chosen by professional decorators, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts. Use Durex Discount Code

It’s best to take a tour of the site before any paint purchase. With an interactive colour chart, a catalogue of trends and especially an online simulator for colouring parts, the site is complete and well done. It’s a good way to visualize the rendering. Opt for Dulux Decorator Centre promo codes.

The year 2016 marks a unique turning point in the history of colours. We have come to a point where we see both the strengths of tradition and the benefits of innovation. Tropical blue is an optimistic magnetic colour that, like the horizon, represents the infinity of possibilities. The 2015 palette included several spicy reds and oranges reminiscent of the Spanish sun, gemstone tones inspired by Morocco, golden yellows drawn from Turkish ceramics and deep colours, such as plums and indigos of the Bohemia. Dulux recommends using this kaleidoscope in an original way by turning to bold patterns. In the contemporary color palette, the rich shades of orange-red reflect our heritage of the past as well as the modern design of tomorrow. Get Dulux Decorator Centre voucher codes.


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