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Water Butts Direct is here to offer you a complete range of rainwater and harvesting systems and solutions. With your choice of rainwater butts, you can save water for your garden. Rain barrels are a good option. Rain barrels are containers that divert and collect water that would otherwise flow from the roof, through drains and downspouts, and drain. Rainwater collected in barrels is typically used for external irrigation purposes. Our selection of rain barrels come in many different sizes, materials, designs, and colors. The most common residential rain barrels are 55 to 90 gallons, but some may be much larger. Get a complete rainwater harvesting kit with ready-made rain barrels? In addition to providing water for use during dry seasons, rain barrels have other benefits. Shop high-quality rain butts and barrels now. Avail discounts on Water Butts Direct promo code. 


Rainwater harvesting is a low biological and chemical risk resource and can be used directly in activities that do not require drinking water, for example, in the irrigation of plants. You can easily collect rainwater for your home in a water butt. Rainwater can also be used for rainwater harvesting. Collecting rainwater is not only a benefit for the environment but also for your pocket and your health. It is an alternative source of water. By not managing rainwater properly, it remains stagnant and becomes the perfect habitat for mosquitoes that spread diseases such as Dengue or Zika. If rainwater is collected properly, it can be treated for human consumption, personal cleaning, hand washing, and can even be used for activities such as agriculture or food washing. Get the best offer on Water Butts Direct discount code.


By appropriating rainwater management, sustainable urban development is being generated that helps prevent risks, helps care for the environment, and is moving towards a better future. Collecting and reusing rainwater from drains and storm drains for lawns and gardens reduces the amount of water going down the drains, sewer system, and municipal networks. Plants and microbes prefer rainwater because it is naturally soft and free of chlorine, fluorine, or other chemicals. The rainwater barrels and water butts are expressly designed to collect rainwater. They have a cover to prevent mosquitoes, rodents, or debris from entering. It must be mounted in a way that allows the barrel to receive water unhindered by a downspout. Use it to collect rainwater. Do not connect to a gray water system or to the irrigation system. The collected rainwater must be distributed through a hose or bucket. Enjoy savings on the Water Butts Direct voucher code.


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