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Vintage Vibe offers a set of pianos for your events, concerts, musical events throughout the region. We offer you the services of piano tuners who move to your home. During this intervention, called tuning or tuning, the tuner will fix and stabilize the sounds of your piano. First, it sets the dominant LA at the frequency of 440 Hertz. Then working octave and ear, the tuner will adjust all the notes of the piano, adjusting the tension of each string with a tuning key. Unlike other instruments, pianists who know how to tune a piano are very rare. Giving a piano takes time, patience and requires professional training. Depending on the amount of work, the hardness of the bed base around the ankles and the experience of the tuner. It takes 50 minutes to two and a half hours to tune a piano Either the setting, for an 88-key keyboard, about 220 strings and as many dowels. Call our professional. The price, therefore, depends on the work to be done on your piano. On a maintained piano, a tuner will necessarily spend less time. We also have to consider travel expenses, for the most distant clients. Get Vintage Vibe promo codes.