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Slaters Menswear is all about exquisite men's 2 & 3 piece suits. Do not miss the Slaters sale where every man picks a fit, style & colour of suits for any occasion; wedding, prom, graduation, meetings, etc. Ever wondered why everyone looks tall and handsome? How do you make sure your shirt never comes off your pants? Why do the suits fit so well and, when they change to a sweatshirt, are they still impeccable? Are all the clothes made to measure? At first glance, you can think that everything is a product of Photoshop, but getting the best version of ourselves does not depend on technical tricks or a specific body type. It is to know the tricks to dress in Slaters menswear. What are you waiting for? Order online via Slaters discount code.


How to choose Slaters menswear? The shoulders are the key part. A dropped shoulder - or over its rightful place - can be a disaster. When you want to find the correct size of a shirt, make sure the shoulder seam falls right where the collarbone meets the arm. From here, everything is a matter of proportions and cuts to enhance our bodies. You already know the infallible trick to find the correct size of the suit shirt without having to look at the label that indicates the size. The next step is to dress according to the occasion. For ideas, check out Next suits. As mentioned, everything is a matter of proportions. As for the cuts, it all depends on the visual effect we want to achieve and our needs. 


It is imperative to know the fits and cuts. The Regular Fit is the loosest and will give us greater movement capacity. The Tailored Fit is a version of the former but slightly more fitted at the bottom so that it does not stand out so much if we put it inside the pants. With the Slim fit, we are going to a much more fitted silhouette and that sticks more to the body. Therefore, they are more recommended for people with a rather flat abdomen. Why doesn't the shirt slide out of the pants creating wrinkles around the waistband? Because we usually choose a slim-fit cut that is tailored to the waist. So, what’s your pick? Regular fit, the tailored fit, or the custom fit suit? Check out the suit sale section.


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