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Are you looking for packaging material, supplies, and essentials at the best price? Rajapack offers a comprehensive range of packaging supplies to businesses throughout Europe. Order cardboard boxes, postal boxes, paper carrier bags, shrink wrapand more.  What are you waiting for? At Rajapack, you will find a wide range of cardboard boxes, and postal boxes and packaging: single or double channel cardboard packaging, cardboard boxes to transport products, shrink wrap to protect fragile objects, self-assembling paper carrier bags, and padded envelopes to send products via post or with a carrier. But, the range does not stop here! It also includes shipping bags, plastic bags, and zip bags, useful for storing small objects. You will also find all the necessary material for strapping packages and pallets: strap rolls, turnbuckles, strapping machines for plastic or textile strapping, buckles, and plates. Order now with Next Day delivery. Do not skip the offer on our Rajapack Discount Code.


Are you moving and stressed with all the packaging? How to do it? Need packaging material? Well, with the help of Rajapack, you can move with peace of mind. Thanks to the moving range that has been created to find everything you need to protect, pack, and transport your objects. You will have at your disposal cardboard boxes, protective paper such, shrink wrap,  adhesive tape, etc. and even moving kits that contain all the necessary material. Each person needs a specific packaging, therefore, Rajapack offers different types of containers and card boxes: to pack, send, store, fit, protect, close, strapping, etc. You will find thousands of products available from your packaging supplier. There are different types of cardboard packaging: single-channel carton packing for solid and light objects. Double channel carton packing for fragile and heavy objects and the self-assembling shipping box for sending small packages. Enjoy the grand offer on the Rajapack promo code.


Have you been looking for custom packaging material and solutions? Take advantage of customer service. It is you who decides everything, from A to Z: the material, the color, the thickness, the length, the width, the type of glue. Find a complete range of disposable packaging (plastic trays, paper carrier bags, packaging for disposable, shrink wraps, etc.) that can be used for food trucks and restaurants that offer takeout, or the stalls. They are made of cardboard. Rajapack product range is ecological. It can be recyclable or biodegradable packaging. Recyclable packaging reuses the same material to create new packaging. For example, cardboard is a 100% recyclable material. Order online. Check out the latest promo offers. Click on the Rajapack discount code.

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