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The RaceChip power chip has become the best ally for professional engine tuning. It is a powerful chip that has been developed by RaceChip engineers and is capable of increasing engine power without compromising vehicle components and being completely legal. Specifically, they offer a power increase of up to 31% in many turbo diesels or petrol turbocharged vehicles. What is chip tuning? In modern cars, a computer is responsible for controlling and supervising the engine. This computer is what we call a control unit and is connected to the motor through cables and connectors. The tuning chip is a powerful chip that allows you to increase engine performance through an additional electronic control unit.

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Racechip power chip works! If you are looking for an increase in engine performance through an additional control unit, you can mount it yourself or take it to a workshop, since it is only an additional electronic control unit that connects to the motor and the own engine control unit. You do not need any further modification. The operation and efficiency are very simple. It is an electronic system in which the motor control is modified. In addition, it can reduce fuel consumption! There is no danger when recharging the individual engine components. If your vehicle has a maximum speed limitation, it remains unchanged and the original car software also manages to remain unchanged.

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Racechip is such a simple mechanism that you can assemble your home. In many cars, it will take only 10 to 15 minutes and without having to use special tools. You only have to connect the RaceChip module through a very simple connection system with the engine and the engine control unit, fix the module and, voila! With this chip, you can adapt the power increase of your engine individually to your driving style, modifying the basic settings that were optimized for your vehicle.

Installing a power chip does not have to change the programming of your motor control and there are no problems to pass the ITV or your car warranty. RaceChip is one of the largest German companies of Car power chips. In addition, they have expert engineers who achieve, with their chips, increase engine power without putting the vehicle at risk. With this brand, you will not have any problem. Don’t skip the RaceChip discount code and promo codes at Voucher Pro.


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DEAL Winter Sale: 20% off on GTS, GTS Black & RX May-31-2024

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