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Logs2u specializes in offering a catalog of smokeless coal, Kilin dried firewood, heat logs, fire lighting, and BBQ accessories by categories of use. Each fire is different, it is not the same to light a fire with which we are going to cook than a chimney fire or perhaps a fire inside a house. Depending on the fire we are going to create, we will need to find the best solution. The best initiator that achieves the effect we want: perhaps speed, perhaps not leaving traces of odors in the food we are going to cook or perhaps lighting a smokeless fire that is also possible. Pine splinter, beech briquettes, Pinecones, ignition pads, burner, ignition gels, embers, electric lighters, etc. These are some of our products, enter our online storefront and find the solution you are looking for. What are you looking for? Grab your Logs2u discount code here to place your orders. 

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The options to keep the fire in the fireplace can be several depending on the effect we are looking for and especially the type of chimney we have. If we seek to heat a house quickly, wood briquettes will be the best option but if what we are looking for is hours of fire at a good price. The hardest firewoods such as holm oak are the best solutions. If we seek to do fire therapy, beech firewood will be the best option. Firewood that has a cutting and drying process for months for once it presents its optimal state is prepared for sale in different formats. In the coal industry, it is commercialized both in sacks for small quantities and palletized for large consumers. But you also have the option to visit our store and order small amounts to get out of the way. Visit our store online and find the best option that suits your needs.

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 If you are out camping, buy smokeless coal or dried firewood to cook delicious meals. Cooking with fire or grill is an art. A culinary art that, unlike electric cooking or gas. In the coal industry, you can find genuine oak coal traditionally manufactured, the most aromatic in the world. Vine branches to cook meats and aromatic woods to perfume and smoke all kinds of products are another variety. Briquetted coals with pieces of aromatic woods as well as aromatic woods of infinite aromas to achieve the best smoking effects. Oakwood for both individuals and restaurants. Dry firewood is sold both in bags and tons. Call us and we will find your way. Don’t forget to use Logs2u discount code and promo codes at Voucher Pro.

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