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Are you looking for the best planters, balcony boxes, hanging pots on the market that offer smart irrigation? Lechuza invites you to its world of top-quality self-watering planters and pots. The award-winning collection is designed and made in Germany. Enjoy the intelligent sub-irrigation system envisioned to provide natural care for your plants. For plant and decoration lovers, a hanging planter is one of the best ways to create natural environments in places with limited spaces. It is a decorative element that adapts both outdoors and indoors and that is why it has taken a great boom for those who want to improve the appearance of their spaces. Keeping in mind that not all planters or pots are the same. Buy the one that best suits your needs. Shop online. VoucherPro offers you a discount with the Lechuza promo code. 


If you feel that "something" is missing in some corner of your house, or if you see your house a little sad; filling it with planters as the solution you were looking for! There is no minimalism or decorative style that refuses plants and their corresponding pots. For a house to be fully decorated it must have Lechuza planters. For indoor plants for your house that do not need direct light and some are almost eternal, check out our selection of pots and baskets. To decorate a corner with plants you can do two things. Place a nice and large planter that fills the corner or create a set with several boxes and pots of different sizes like the standing pots, so that the corner comes alive. Excited to shop? Don't miss our Lechuza discount code offer. 


Explore the world of Lechuza intelligent irrigation pots. The advantage of placing a set is that you can take advantage of introducing different materials and textures in the pots that will complete the room. Because if there is variety in the plants, in the pots too. By changing the planting pots that accompany you at home, you will be able to economically and effectively give a new air to your house this fall. For this reason, we have selected some trends to achieve this effect. The basket pots are very fashionable. Pots with a footboard or with bases placed in different heights look like masterpieces between several plants. This composition highlights a planter without it being large. Click on the Lechuza voucher code


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