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What big question contraception is! Lady-Comp is a fertility monitor without any side-effects.  The device has of course been clinically tested under the supervision of Professor G. Freundl. The method is 99.3% reliable! The box leaves you free to take your health and fertility in hand, or not! The device has a Pearl index of 0.7 which puts it in the most reliable methods of contraception.  Lady Comp discount code, voucher and promo codes apply.

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The Index measures the reliability of a contraceptive. The result is dedicated to observing practical experience with the device. If in the meantime the heart tells you, or if you are already convinced, go take a look at the website. If you wish to have more information about clinical tests, you can download all this in PDF on the site or contact the team for more details, they will gladly answer any questions you may have.

The Lady-Comp device offers a "classic" method of contraception. Every month will keep you informed and will advise you on the use of the case. There are reasons why women hate previous contraceptive methods. How is it that you are happily beating your health with synthetic hormones while these gentlemen do not care about their fertility at all? We are not going to give you the great detail of the misdeeds of the pill, just listen a little to your body to realize the deception. This fertility device will not let you grumble about the problem today but proposes a solution by keeping you safe.

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Our device is not ecological. It doesn’t alarm the hormonal contraceptives. The water pollution that results from the use of pills is horrifying. Let's stop screwing up, our health, our heart, and our planet. After exposing the problem, here is the solution or at least the BEST solution. The Lady-Comp is a "fertility monitor". It is a device that gives women full control of their fertility with the simple temperature measurement in the morning. It is a box that will allow you to "manage" your cycle in a natural and ethical way.

It is connected to a sensor that allows you to take your temperature every morning at the same time by waking up at the time that you set (there is still a 6-hour time period to take its temperature). Attention, it is necessary to take the temperature AU WITNESS. This must become your first-morning reflex. The little alarm clock stops when you press any key on the device and a small thermometer symbol is displayed, it's time to take your temperature. Once it is placed under the tongue, just press any button again for the box to measure.

There, the small thermometer will flash for the duration of the measurement, that is, one minute. If all is well, the device will beep and give you your "fire" of the day. In case of fever, the device will display an "F" for Fever!  When the measurement is complete, the box sounds and the final measurement is displayed with the corresponding small light. Get your hands on Lady-Comp voucher code and promo codes at Voucher Pro

Over time, the monitor learns to know you, know your cycles and your hormonal functioning in general. The more you take action, the more accurate and reliable it will be. Every morning after your temperature rise, the machine will light a small light way code of the road. GREEN: You are not fertile. ORANGE: The device is not sure if you can give yourself a green light, so it gives you an orange light "at your own risk". RED: You are in ovulation, so it's NO!  You will be glad to have learned to know you and to take care of you. 

The body of the woman is quite impressive of regularity. By learning to know the cycles and the "symptoms" characteristic of the different periods of these, one quickly realizes that the body does not lie, that it is reliable, and that one can trust it. The Lady-Comp is simply a reassuring and intelligent way to trust your body in its regularity and simplicity. Enjoy Lady-Comp discount code and coupon codes.