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Flipper is your algorithm and identification of energy savings: how does it work? Nowadays, the word algorithm has become synonymous with complexity. It is used as a mysterious resource in the functional descriptions of platforms that are somewhat innovative. It is understandable that commercial services prefer to speak of a "powerful algorithm dedicated to solving problems" instead of a "set of rules to classify data or answer a question". This auto-switching energy algorithm is all you need. Use Flipper coupon code for instant discount.

We return to the essentials: how does an algorithm work? And what can be your interest in the field of energy? Flipper algorithm is like a recipe: you get a list of ingredients and materials (the inputs) and, if you respect the quantities and steps indicated, you get the desired result. This energy saving algorithm can take different forms but always corresponds to a series of steps, more or less complex, taking or not a numerical form. This allows obtaining a result deduced from the information entered, which will allow solving a problem or obtaining data.

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In the energy sector, we could create an algorithm that states that: if a building consumes more than 300 KWh per m2 and we are in summer, THEN it must be optimized. The algorithm takes the form of a mini-equation, which leads to the generation of a recommendation and facilitates decision making. Another example of the use of the algorithm: the purchase recommendations on the Internet. From the outset, the algorithm crosses and analyzes your personal data, as well as the history of your searches on the Internet to offer you a purchase recommendation adapted to your profile.

The more you click on the banner ads you offer, the more you refine your predictions through machine learning (machine learning). This algorithm is, therefore, a tool that is both very simple, since it feeds easily identifiable data, and complex, because it can mobilize and combine a large amount of information and consists of a large number of steps. Use Flipper voucher code and promo codes.


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