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FinBud is the specialist of the mortgage loan, the loan abroad, the loan without insurance, the purchase of balance, and many other types of financing. A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit. We also offer mortgage loans to those whose repayment can be provided by the sale of real estate. This allows you to have a cash advance before the actual sale of the property. For example, you want to do work in a second home that will become in a few years your main residence, after the sale of your current principal residence, and/or repay credits. We in addition offer mortgages to the sale of real estate over two periods. During the first, for example, 10 years, the loan is in fine (you only pay interest). You feed a life insurance type contract with an initial amount and possibly monthly payments. At the end of the first period, you repay all or part of the loan using the investment. The second period, for example, 15 years, is depreciable. Each of the pages of this section deals with a subject, giving the principle and one or more examples: cash, inheritance, donation, the redemption of balance, redemption of credits, retirement, real estate, financial investments and more. Banks and credit organizations have an obligation to fight the fraudulent use of funds. This is known as mortgage loan cash. We must understand the purpose of the mortgage: finance any object by taking a guarantee (mortgage or bond) on a property that belongs to you. In summary, the mortgage is not a "magic" solution that meets all your cash needs. Contact us. We will find together the best solutions to meet your needs. Avail discount on FinBud discount code and coupon codes.