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Discover the full range of EVO electric scooters, EVO powerboards, electric bikes, petrol scooters, electric mopeds at EVO Scooters discount code. Our range of electric bikes is protected from any mishandling by an electronic system included in the battery. Lithium batteries give electric scooters excellent performance! Electric bikes that run at 45km / h are also considered scooters. The next generation of all-electric scooters has performance comparable to 125 cc scooters: speed up to 110 km / h and a range of 100 km. In the meantime, if you absolutely want to invest in a scooter and make trips outside the city, the solution can be found on the side of the hybrid scooter that has a 4-stroke engine used for urban journeys, and also an electric driving force for the particular area. Book your electric ride now and get it delivered within 2 days. EVO Scooters Promo codes apply.

EVO Scooters is the destination for bikes and electric scooters in the UK. It is your one-stop shop for high-quality scooters and electric bikes. Our bikes are stylish, safe and fun to use. No license or insurance is required to start driving! EVO products are designed with ease and to be the best. Their design and manufacture meet the highest standards in the industry. Our bikes and electric scooters are built to last and ensure optimum performance and safety. Whether you are looking for an electric power-assisted bicycle pedal to help you ride the hills or if you are looking for powerful throttle assistance, we have several options to choose from. Visit our store to see the full range of electric bikes in stock. Voucher codes apply.

At EVO Scooters, we are simply made to be better. Our brand offers a full line of e-bikes in the UK among the best brands in the industry. We have bikes that will fit the needs of every cyclist. The neat lines of our electric vehicles are reminiscent of traditional European gasoline scooters, but without the pollution, the insurance costs, or the driver's license. The owners of EVO are a proud community that wants to have all the fun and style but without the inconvenience. Promo codes apply.

Good reasons to ride an electric scooter:

  • Eco-friendly: no CO2 emissions.
  • Reliable and low maintenance.
  • Economical with 50 Euros of electric recharge per year to ride every day 50 km.
  • The electric scooters that we offer for purchase are equipped with high tech batteries.
  • Efficient and lighter.
  • Silicone gel batteries without acid do not need any maintenance and are totally secure.
  • Lithium-ion batteries are maintenance-free. They are the reference to electrical performance throughout the world.

The electric scooter appears as a more ecological alternative than the traditional scooter. The prices are high for high-end models. However, we encourage new technologies which promote renewable energies that develop around electric scooters. These models are now equipped with solar panel roofs for charging! Nevertheless, the new generation wheels remain adapted only for short and urban journeys. It is the best eco-friendly solution. Electrical and thermal scooters can be used at the same time for added power. Discount codes apply.

Are you interested in an electric scooter? EVO Scooters has specialized in this field. The network is at your service to assist you in choosing a suitable model and to ensure the maintenance of your bike. The electric bike is a means of alternative and non-polluting locomotion.  We believe that our relationship with the customer does not end with the purchase of our products. In fact, this is just the beginning. That's what helped shape our after-sales service network. We provide after-sales service and repair of electric scooters and also keep the parts in stock in our warehouse. We ensure a long lasting EVO experience!