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At Darington Crystal, you can buy a gorgeous collection of wine and cocktail glasses, cups and jugs and more. Each cocktail, like any other beverage such as beer, wine, cider, whiskey, brandy, rum, vodka, cava, etc., has its specific glass to be consumed. It is not that it is the best glass or cup, it is simply that it makes it much more pleasant to drink and, above all, that it allows us to fully appreciate the different sensations that the drink that we have before us can display. Enjoy your next drink in one of your favorite and appealing glass sets. Shop online today and enjoy festive offers, deals, and discounts waiting for you. Click for the Darington Crystal discount code, promo and voucher codes.

Darington Crystal glassware designed and used for cocktails and serving is made of high-quality glass. This is an inert material. It does not transmit odors or flavors but it is fragile and in any case, it needs minimum hygiene and cleaning conditions. For example, the lipstick carmine is a tenacious enemy and in drying, water stains. Within the wide variety of shapes and designs that can be found, it is possible to distinguish between the types of glasses, cups, and jugs at the Darington Crystal. The margarita cup is the one used to prepare margaritas although it is also used in other cocktails, such as in the daiquiri.

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The Martini glass, also known as a cocktail glass, is a glass similar to that of margarita. It is the glass that characterizes the drinks with Martini, it is delicate, with a thin neck and is very sophisticated. Long glass, Highball or Tumbler is the right glass for long drinks, with high contents and carrying ice in large quantities. It is very popular for whiskey, rum, gin and vodka that are served with ice and water, soda or other beverage. Get ready for the sale. Enjoy the Darington Crystal discount code and promo codes at Voucher Pro



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