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We offer the best travel accessories for toddlers and kids online. Put your child in his car seat (harness attached) and have around him, books, taste, not to mention his comforter and toys to distract! But what toys? What games?  For your toddler, placed at the back of the car (in its car seat back to the road), the cushion hangs on the headrest of the bench. In this way, the driver will be able to see his baby in the rear view mirror. In the play mode, the lights (Led) light happily on several shapes and catchy songs are heard. How about a steering wheel to train before the license? The wooden key fits into the steering wheel, the horn is a rattle and a small flipping magazine is a good time pass! And if the toddler falls asleep on it, do not worry: everything is soft and fluffy! Get a keychain that always pleases the kid’s girls or boys. And it's so funny to fiddle with the keys. We have accessories for a great pleasure for a small price! There is adjustable set that attaches to the headrest of a front seat. The steering wheel and the lever click with sounds and lights. There are fun melodies, by pressing the buttons, to put everyone in a good mood. The child can fall asleep; the wheel will not fall on the floor. A singing and ringing book is one that the children will be able to carry it easily on a trip first and then build delirious or wise forms of vehicles. In total, we offer a beautiful range of games for boys and girls. The beautiful wooden game charm slipped into an organic cotton pouch also serves as a game board.  The magnetic travel game in a compact book format offers challenges.  No need for a tablet to have fun by car, train, boat or plane! This great book will distract children with pages of humor, songs to sing alone or with family. The organizer attached to the back of a front seat to catch in different pockets, toy, plush, notebook but also bib, snack, sunglasses. It folds in two for easy transport. Relax your legs, stretch your back, breathe fresh air, it is essential for the whole family. Also, take a tour of our site to find the best deals with Benbat UK discount code and voucher codes.