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American Golf is the Europe’s largest golf retailer offering comprehensive range of sports and related products. This is the place that allows you to shop for all the major sporting brands of the world including Adidas, Garmin, Under Armour, FootJoy and more. High-quality golf products, amazing customer service, exclusive deals and reliable price match is what you will find at In addition, you can get great discounts for golf accessories, checkout the list below to know more about latest discounts, voucher codes and promotional deals for golf equipment. 


The American Golf has specialized in the game. We work in putting and approaching using fun and golf clothing, balls, equipment and accessories all across the globe.  Would you like to change your golf club series, or just acquire for the first time a series? The choice is not easy because golf brands offer a lot of material promising promises unfortunately not at the rendezvous! Finding suitable accessories for your game is now easy. There are always some basic principles to remember to make the right club choice like the main characteristics of a golf club. First of all, we advise you to acquire the vocabulary of a golf club: the shaft, the club head, the grip and the main technical terms of a golf club. Understanding this vocabulary will help you avoid being harmed. As you may have noticed, there are some important technical criteria to choose from. It is a must you watch the way you play and your swing. So the recommendation is to understand his game. What is your level of play? If you have an index higher than 28, there is a good chance that tolerant and easy-to-play clubs will be more suitable. So better avoid the "blades" and favor clubs with a big head with oversize. What is your playing frequency? Again if you play only once a week, there is a good chance that your game is irregular. Our clubs play is certainly more suitable. If you have a strong and fast swing, it is better to favor steeper shafts. In contrast to the more flexible shafts, graphite, for example, will be more suitable for slow swings or players lacking power. To make the link between your game, your swing and the characteristics of a golf club the most adapted, the best solution is to try the equipment before buying it. There are regular demo days organized. The best solution is to go to a specialized store. Often it can perform a number of measurements of your swing to refer you to a suitable beginner or advanced golf equipment. Discover what's new, tested and rated by the customers. Once the appointment is made, it is often asked the customer to arrive fifteen minutes before to warm up the practice by typing some balls. Start golfing today with American Golf discount offer.

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