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Zoono keeps your family first! Yes, with just one application of Zoono hand sanitizer; you know you are protected! Young children inevitably have a lot of runny noses and sore throat, but it all depends on the way they clean their hands. Researchers found that children who clean their hands with sanitizer instead of soap and water reduce days missed at school, respiratory infections, and antibiotic prescriptions. The researchers studied children up to the age of 3 who attended playgroups. They divided the children, their families, and their daycare centers into three groups: one group used hand sanitizer to clean their hands, and another used soap and water, and the third group followed their usual hand-washing routines. There has been a 23% reduction in respiratory infections among students who used hand sanitizer compared to those how did not take sanitization seriously. Order and get amazing discounts and deals on the Zoono promo code. 


Nowadays, the main recommendation to avoid the spread of the coronavirus is frequent hand washing. We are talking about the mobile. Under normal circumstances, the phone already carries 10 times more bacteria than a toilet, says a study by the University of Arizona. With the coronavirus pandemic, touch screens can be a transmission route, so we should clean them a lot. The smartphone is one of the dirtiest objects. In the face of the coronavirus emergency, it is vital to keep it clean, without germs. Use the Zoono hand sanitizer more often, at least once a day. Click on the Zoono discount code. 


We must remember that viruses and bacteria can survive on certain surfaces longer than we think. According to a report published by the Journal of Hospital Infection, the coronavirus can persist on inanimate surfaces such as metal, glass, or plastic for up to 9 days, facilitating the spread and spread of the pandemic. The idea is that Zoono hand sanitizer can reduce the spread of respiratory tract infections in children and families if alcohol hand sanitizer is used. How to use the hand sanitizer? Apply the product and rub it on all surfaces of the hands and fingers until they are dry. Zoon hand sanitizers are visibly effective when hands are dirty or greasy. Don’t miss to avail of the Zoono voucher code offer.