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Fluorescent and trembling jelly, canned beans in tomato sauce dripping on a slice of bread is certainly the appearance of traditional British dishes and their bizarre sides that contribute largely to this image of food that sticks to England especially. Toby elegantly runs over 150 restaurants and is ranked in the top 50 best restaurants in the world. So, to make you want to cross the Channel or at least tickle your curiosity, here we serve the most original traditional dishes of British gastronomy and of course our very famous- the Sunday roast. The most common dish of English cuisine! This roast beef served is traditionally accompanied by Yorkshire pudding. This pudding is the ideal accompaniment to roast beef and all the festive dishes according to my English friends! It is a kind of salty cakes made with eggs, milk, and flour and cooked in the fat of cooking meat. The roast is also used with baked potatoes and roasted or steamed vegetables and is accompanied by horseradish sauce or gravy.  The Fish and Chips is a must to recommend when it is well cooked! This fish (cod or haddock) covered with a thick layer of batter (batter) before being dipped in boiling oil is served with vinegary fries and/or with a purée of peas. This dish dates from the 19th century!  How about some Chicken pie or Kidney pie? The beef pie is very popular with the English. Pies are served as a starter or as a dish and are very convenient for meat leftovers. The Chicken Pie is cooked with mushrooms and sausages; the one with beef with a beer. A Welsh specialty made from melted cheddar, beer and mustard is a slice of toast, all in the oven.  The haggis is Scottish specialty prepared with mutton offal. This Scottish specialty is made with mutton offal, onions, oats, and lard. There is a vegetarian variant based on lentils.  The chutney is a traditional accompaniment to meat dishes or cold fish. These sweet and sour condiments are made with fruits, vegetables or a mixture of both. They are cooked in vinegar, sugar, spices. This recipe was invented in the suburbs of London. The curry is the most common dish in town! Perfect for a brunch or lunch and dinner- walk in our restaurant anytime-anywhere!  Here, children and even grown-ups love our menu. Don’t miss the all-day menu available. Click for Toby Carvery coupon codes here.

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