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REM-Fit is a smart dream: technology applied to good sleep. We are using new technologies to help people have a more restful sleep, with products such as pillows that monitor their sleeping patterns or a bed that adjusts automatically depending on the way a person moves when sleeping. The interest in the dream intensified. We have created sensors that promise to measure and improve the quality of sleep. The dream is the new status symbol. So sleep better, safe and sound with REM-Fit technology. Get REM-Fit Discount Code, promo and voucher codes

Federal authorities warned that lack of restful sleep is a public health problem. They claim that more than a third of adults do not get enough sleep on a regular basis. That can contribute to problems like obesity and diabetes. A study published calculated that this means a financial loss for companies of up to 311,000 million pounds a year. REM-Fit mattresses and pillows automatically adjust based on how restless people are while they are sleeping. The REM-Fit Zeeq pillow monitors snoring and can vibrate gently to persuade the sleeper to change position. One of the reviews states: "I'm more willing to spend on sleep technology because I hope it helps me fall asleep faster, sleep longer and be more rested when I wake up".

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It is not a coincidence that we are world leaders and rest experts. The human being spends 1/3 of his life sleeping, and that is why we make sure to create and offer only the best. Our diverse range of mattresses, pillows, beds, and resting accessories are carefully designed to give ergonomic support to the human body. The technology adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, and this is how the surface reaches a perfect balance with the silhouette of the sleeper. Use Nuxe Discount Code

The human being moves approximately 100 times during the night, this is called micro-awakenings, and are caused by the discomfort generated by the pressure exerted by traditional foam mattresses and springs against the body. This aggravates the body pains and also does not let the dream fulfill its function: repair. It is proven that REM-Fit reduces micro-awakenings by 80%, improving the health and quality of sleep. Enjoy REM-Fit promo and voucher code.

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