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Born from defiance. Built to electrify. Get Reebok's all new Zig Kinetica!

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Reebok Classics history links to subcultures. It began in 1895 when Joseph William Foster founded J.W. Foster & Sons, a small business in the north of England. Originally they crafted Mercury made cycling shoes but when they learn that the mark "Mercury" is already filed, the two brothers discovered the name: Reebok's. Its distribution network is still growing, and innovative models such as the World 10 in orange suede are popular with runners. Click for Reebok promo codes, voucher and discount code.

The advantages of shoes when running on an athletics track are specific to the tread on the tartan floor and that the models offer more grip to the floor than minimalist shoes. The shoes are not specific to start running on the tartan track, but according to experts, they are perfectly valid. Its biggest advantages are the lightness and its thin sole, which causes you to increase your speed and reduce the level of fatigue. 

A group born in the United Kingdom in 1895, it was in 1958 that it adopted the name Reebok, in reference to a species of African antelope. In 1982, Reebok's was the first sports equipment manufacturer to develop a model exclusively for women. The Reebok's Freestyle is a shoe dedicated to the practice of gymnastics. It is only a few years later that this pair will become a widely used fashion accessory.



When was Reebok created?

Innovative technology and the result of collaboration between the brand and industrial designer Paul Litchfield, the Pump system was launched in 1989. It is a principle of inflating /deflating one or more air pockets for the purpose of guarantee the best comfort and support possible, adapting to all morphologies. Sneaker worm by basketball player Dominique Wilkins playing at the Atlanta Hawks in the NBA, the Reebok Pump quickly became a cult model of the brand. Want to get your Reebok Pump today? Use our Reebok promo codes and discount code for a special offer.

This brand name also develops cushioning systems to compete with Nike and its Air-sole technology.  The first to emerge is the ERS, Energy Return System: cylinders placed in horizontal series composed of plastic "Hydrel" (DuPont patent). Reebok introduced the Hexalite, which replaced the ERS in terms of cushioning. A lightweight honeycomb structure with compressed air and combined with EVA or polyurethane. Hexalite allows the shock to be spread over a wide area, ensuring optimal cushioning. This system is found on the Reebok Omni Lite and Reverse Jam.

Having lost its leading position in the market, it is bought by the German giant Adidas in 2005. Since then, Reebok has launched new technologies, such as the Zig system, to reposition itself at the forefront of innovation in the field of sports equipment.  Like most manufacturers of historic sneakers, this organization draws its expertise from the experience it has developed in contact with athletes. Known on the street as well as on the sports grounds, the British brand is a reference for sportsmen, to whom it offers efficient equipment, and street wears fashion. Don’t forget to use Reebok discount codes and voucher code available here.

Where does Reebok’s name come from?

If it was not yet called Reebok at its creation, it was indeed in 1895 in Bolton, in the north of England, that the brand is also known by its acronym "rbk" was born. The founder named it J. W. Foster & Sons. It was one of the very first to launch the manufacture of pointed athletic shoes in Great Britain. These "spiked running shoes" were handcrafted especially to make his business grow until the consecration in 1924. Equipping many athletes during the Olympic Games in Paris that year, JW Foster & Sons will indeed acquire an international dimension.

If it is no longer necessary to recall its prominent place in the world of sneakers, it is interesting to go back in its history, notably to understand how these models have become icons of sports fashion. With a growing distribution network, Reebok imposes its stroke in athletics. This is evidenced by the success in 1969 of World 10. Click here for the Reebok voucher code and discount code.


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