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Fancy Italy, olive oil, scented herbs and sun on your plate? Prezzo is one of the most happening eateries in London. The busiest streets crossed by small cobblestone streets give this neighborhood a picturesque charm. Thanks to its ideal location, this Italian pizza, pasta, and wine the restaurant is suitable for all tastes. The restaurant is known for its fresh and truly delicious pasta! It has made its mark since its creation and it has acquired customers who are faithful to it over the years. In addition to this, it is the perfect place for those who love wines because of their extremely complete menu. In addition to serving pasta simply excellent, you can’t miss our authentic pizzas! We’ve been doing Italian food for a long time. Customers literally love all the dishes: pizza, lasagna, cannolis, salads, wine and what not! Without the presence of many Italians, our city would be just not the same and as perfect gastronomically speaking as we would have a lot fewer pizzerias and Italian restaurants. To help you satisfy the pasta craving that you share, here is our very personal selection that serves pasta dishes-simply delicious. The atmosphere is pleasant, the staff is really nice, and the food is great. You will not regret your choice! Sometimes, simplicity is what we need. The real simplicity is in our pizzas and pasta. Perfect for a meal with friends or when you have real munchies, pasta is invited to our plates, today even more than yesterday. Tagliatelle, gnocchi or ravioli, the hardest in pasta, it's often to choose where to start! Our establishments are certified 100% delicious, to share without moderation. It is an Italian restaurant with an original touch since it is held by enthusiasts. The dishes are prepared from fresh and local products, for a delicious result on the plate. Extra hot pepper, garlic, parsley, and tomato all combine for an exceptional result. This is an address not to be missed! We have our special mention for the wine list, which plays the perfect match with the Italian tradition. In addition to offering great pizzas, the restaurant has an extensive menu. No frills for this brand that seduces its customers with the simple cuisine, but dreadfully effective. It will be difficult not to resume! This is the perfect address when you want to eat a classic Italian, without making a fuss. Far from offering only pizzas, we also offer typical Italian dishes that it would be a crime not to taste. The products are fresh and carefully selected. On the side dishes, we have a preference for ravioli pasta Accompanied by a wine. Now you have all the ingredients to create a romantic evening for your other half! Don’t miss the Prezzo coupon code deal.