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Cherish a magical, handmade, and solidarity gift that will become an unforgettable memory only at Posted By Santa. Order the incredibly personalized letter from Santa Claus for your child. We make it more festive this Christmas with our Posted By Santa Discount Code offer. Are you excited? Check out super savings on our Posted By Santa Promo Code. 

As everyone knows, the real Santa Claus has always lived in Korvatunturi, in Lapland. There he has his house, his workshop, and his gift store. The extraordinary thing is that only Santa Claus, his elves, and his real reindeer know the way to Korvatunturi. When you look at a map, you can easily find where this mountain is located (483 meters high), but no one has ever been able to get there. Korvatunturi is a mysterious place where elves can listen to children and adults and know if they do good or bad things. The elves listen carefully to everyone and record their observations in a huge notebook. Usually, they only point out the good things, but if necessary, they can also point out tantrums, anger, or other not-so-positive behaviors. 

Especially before Christmas, elves are believed to go-to children's homes and neighborhoods to record their behaviors and see if they are good. Santa Claus examines all the comments in the large notebook and carefully selects precious gifts for good children. Even if they have been mischievous, Santa Claus may not bring them gifts. Fortunately, these incidents have been happening less and less for years since we all tend to be good.


What Does Each Letter Include?

  • Each letter is completely customizable with your child's name, age, city.
  • You can choose from several original stories where Santa Claus tells you the latest news at the North Pole this year.
  • There are a few letter models with different stories if you want Santa Claus to write to more than one child in the same house. 

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Each letter is printed on authentic North Pole paper. It has a beautiful original design in Nordic style. In addition, it is signed by Santa Claus. And our Posted By Santa Promo Code makes it more special. 


Why do we love Posted By Santa letters?

  • Santa Claus tells how his elves used up his cookies, and he accidentally ended up trying the reindeer cookies.
  • Santa Claus talks about his elf's new invention: the candy-stick machine. 
  • Santa Claus tells how they celebrate with hot chocolate, Christmas carols, and stories at stake.
  • Let the frozen muses of the North Pole inspire you and turn this free text letter into unforgettable writing.

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Imagine the face of your son or daughter when finding the proof that Santa Claus has visited them: a real button of his suit that has fallen in your living room. Request the original, certified, personalized letter with important information and a nice surprise detail. You will receive stamped and signed from the usual residence of Santa Claus; in the Arctic Circle. The best gift for Christmas with the best Christmas discount offer on Posted By Santa Discount Code NHS.

We suggest you surprise your family and good friends by ordering a letter from Santa Claus, which he will personally sign and send. All shipments will be hand sealed with the official Santa Claus stamp. The Original Letter is printed on beautiful paper with a real photograph of Santa Claus and an emotional text in the language you prefer. Santa wishes all the best for the recipient, with a text adapted for adults and children or completely personalized. Without a doubt, the most original gift for everyone is here! Do not miss the NHS Discount Code Posted By Santa.