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Buy handcrafted stethoscopes, neural reflex hammers, and sphygmomanometers, blood pressure monitors designed and manufactured by MDF Instruments. Check out the MDF Tromner Hammer. It is a versatile 3-in-1 mallet reflex hammer designed to elicit myotatic and responses in adult and pediatric patients. The reflex hammer is used in neurological examination to obtain osteotendinous or clinical-muscular reflexes by percussion on the tendon. It is a simple, quick, and non-invasive diagnostic test based on the patient's physical examination. MDF Reflex hammers are easy to use and precisely balanced to provide greater control of percussive force. The tip of the base produces superficial or cutaneous responses, including plantar and abdominal reflexes. The Tromner MDF555 hammer comes in three designer finishes, including rose gold, BlackOut, and traditional stainless steel. Do not miss the MDF Instruments voucher code for exclusive discounts.


This US-based company offers a lifetime warranty after each unit registration. Any defects will be replaced or repaired free of charge. MDF Reflex hammers are used for examining the osteotendinous reflexes. Examining allows precise localization of damage to the nerves in the spinal cord. The Reflex hammer has a percussion head as well as other neurological diagnostic instruments, such as brushes or needles. Also, some models can be used as percussion hammers to assess organs by tapping. What are neurological examination techniques for? Especially for students or during practices, the examination of their own and others' reflexes is one of the most important diagnostic methods to learn. To evaluate reflexes, some of which can be handled with difficulty. It is advisable to always work with MDF Instruments. Shop online. Grab the best offer on the MDF Instruments discount code. 


Are you looking for an MDF sphygmomanometer? Before deciding to buy a certain sphygmomanometer we recommend that you make the correct decision. MDF sphygmomanometers are the best sellers. The sphygmomanometer is a medical instrument that measures blood pressure in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). It is also known as a sphygmomanometer or manometer. At first, this apparatus for measuring blood pressure was completely manual. Its system is made up of a bracelet, a manometer, and a stethoscope. Today's sphygmomanometers are digital and you don't need technical knowledge to use them. The measurement of blood pressure is essential for doctors to know the state of health of a person. Taking the pulse and the tension is one of the actions that you carry out the most in your professional career. Blood pressure measurement is nowadays usually carried out with digital blood pressure monitors that work automatically, however, the use of a sphygmomanometer persists. Click on the MDF Instruments promo code. 


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