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We offer hair, face, and body, makeup products online. Looking for products to achieve pretty hair and healthy skin? You are at the right place! Hair, skincare products, make-up, accessories: the choice is vast to have fun. We offer our customers the products of the most beautiful brands. With proper care, they will achieve a hair with shine, strong and easy to comb. Our tip: comb your hair before washing it and use the proper shampoo and pH neutral. Moisten the hair with warm water, and, with circular motions, massage the scalp with a small amount of shampoo.

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Avoid using too much shampoo and too hot water. For dry hair, we suggest a range of trusted and branded; products. Avoid washing your hair daily. Our advice: massage with baby oil and leave for half an hour under a towel. Next, rinse the hair. Oily hair can be washed daily if a soft shampoo such as babies is used. Wash, dry with a towel and comb but not too much, as next to the use of caps, and excessive brushing stimulates the production of fat. Dry hair with moderate heat, a high temperature for a long time causes the hair to come back drier. Keep the dryer at least 15 cm away from the head.

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With millions of customers online and more visitors on its website, we are one of the leaders in the selective distribution of hair, face, and body care and cosmetics with an innovative idea to make well-being accessible to all women. The company has always been keen to promote proximity with its customers and the expertise of its advisers. It remains faithful to its founding value. We claim a liberated beauty, lived without diktats or constraints. For us, everyone must be able to live their beauty with pleasure and freedom.  Expertise, pleasure, sharing, and accessibility are distinguished by strong values shared by all our employees.

This promise is embodied in everything that characterizes our product range and services. It is also a network of beauty institutes offering a varied menu of care, accessible care to the highest level of care. The service is a state of mind, daily attention, and a permanent project. Being the # 1 service: it's our ambition. Benevolent, passionate, and of good advice, we put the expertise at the service. Attentive to the needs, we deliver to each advice, thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the products and take care of giving customers unique shopping experience by establishing proximity and conviviality. KLIPshop coupon code and promo

With brands and references, we offer access to all major brands distributed by us and offer practical and innovative services. The expertise is at the heart of our performance. We rely on innovation to move forward and surprise customers. We offer gift cards to benefit from exclusive offers throughout the year. Click for additional reduction with Klip shop discount code and promo codes at Voucher Pro.


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