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Football Index UK is a domain best known for betting on football players. It’s on the subject of buying and selling of football players and teams and becoming a professional trader. You are offered 7 days free trade trail with up to £500. Check our website for further details. Our guide will help you understand all about football trading.

Football is a team sport between two teams of 10 field players and a goalkeeper. The goal of each formation is to put a ball in the opposing goal, without using the arms. Practiced by nearly 265 million players worldwide, football has the status of sports No. 1 in most countries. The simplicity of the game and the lack of resources required for its practice partly explain this success. Here is the opportunity to make real money by betting. You got to try your luck to avail numerous benefits! Practice will make you lead this trade perfectly. Click for Football Index discount code and promo codes.

Football Index UK invites you to trade footballs players or teams with real money. Get a free trial for a week in just £500. The sum placed on each bet will evolve according to the total sum reserved for online sports betting. In the case of bad series, the bet will decrease, and in case of good, it will increase. Regarding the reliability index, it will be permanently at a value.  This index will eventually evolve with your betting experience or if another player makes you understand the subtlety of using this type of reliability index. Avail Football Index voucher codes online.

First and foremost, spot the game!

Football involves two teams of eleven players on a rectangular ground 90 to 120 meters long and 45 to 90 meters wide. The goal is considered scored when the ball has completely crossed the goal line drawn on the ground between the two poles. The only player allowed to use his hands is the goalkeeper in his penalty area. In this same area, a foul usually sanctioned by a direct free kick is by a penalty kick. The latter runs on a point located 11 meters from the goal line. In addition to hand-offs, other fouls mainly concern unsportsmanlike behaviour and contact between players. The tackle is allowed but regulated. A tackle from behind is sanctioned with a red card synonymous with expulsion. In case of less serious offence, a yellow card may be given by the referee to the offending player. If this player receives a second yellow card in the same game, he is sent off.

How to calculate the amount to bet on each bet? How much to bet when placing a bet at a bookmaker? It is recommended on Football Index UK dedicated to sports betting never to bet more than 5% of your bankroll. Get Football Index discount codes.

 Place a fixed bet

This is the easiest method to calculate, for the simple reason that there is no calculation to be done. We decide once and for all that we will put a certain amount on each bet made and we respect that. This avoids burning your reserve of money on a whim. The disadvantage is that in one way or another, the bet does not evolve according to its bankroll. Take the example of a bankroll of £500: we decide to place each time a fixed bet corresponding to 5% of this amount (5% is the maximum). The bet will be each time £25.

This bet will represent 10% of its reserve of money, it is well above the maximum 5% recommended. Each new losing bet will quickly bring us closer to 0.  By using a reliability index, one varies his stake according to the confidence that one grants to his bet. Initially, you will have negative or positive series. The bet will always adapt according to your bankroll, thanks to the percentage (included between 1 and 5 %.) The reliability index makes it possible to bet more or less money, compared to the confidence that one grant to its prognosis. The fixed stake is the bet according to the index of confidence. Football Index Promo codes apply.