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Will you soon be travelling abroad? Avoid unpleasant surprises by taking out travel insurance.  To get the right coverage for your trip, Flexicover helps you define your insurance needs. First of all the type of trip: do you wish to embark on a world tour? Want to study abroad? Is it a work-holiday program or a business trip? The nature of your trip has an impact on the calculation of the proposed rates.

Other decisive criteria: the duration and destination of your stay abroad. The travel insurance quotes on our page will change accordingly. Whether you are travelling in the UK or in the rest of the world, the rates will not be the same. Get customized travel insurance rates now by visiting the website. The quote prices offered to depend on the guarantees and options you think you need during your stay.

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Since 1983, Flexicover is an ideal travel insurance attendant in your international travels. With travel insurance, you have a cover to deal with any inconvenience encountered during your travels and during your stay. To find insurance adapted to your travels outside the UK, use our services which helps you to find the insurance deal at the best price.

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Do not want to pay for a warranty you do not need? Is insurance for your luggage essential? The price of your travel insurance evolves according to your needs, which is why it is essential to ask for different insurance quotes to find travel insurance at the best price! This insurance obligatorily includes a guarantee which covers you in the event of damage caused.

Before travelling abroad, it is therefore essential to check that the amount of compensation is sufficient for proper care. Be sure to make the right choice!  Although every trip abroad is different, travel insurance policies offer a range of similar guarantees that you can purchase according to your needs. To cover your possible health concerns, these guarantees support:

•    Assistance or in case of illness, injury or accident.

•    Reimbursement of medical expenses and hospitalization.

•    Death or disability following an accident abroad.

Travel insurance also includes logistical assistance for:

•    Renting a vehicle on site.

•    Cancellation of a ticket.

•    A premature return due to a serious accident of a relative.

•    The theft, loss or destruction of your luggage, personal property, and identity documents.

•    The reimbursement of legal fees and the advance of bail abroad.

An accident or emergency can happen anywhere and could be very expensive. If you need medical care abroad, your government's health insurance plan may cover only a portion of the costs incurred. Travel insurance takes over where these plans end. It can also provide coverage for unforeseen events, ranging from the cancellation of theft to a serious illness or bankruptcy of the carrier. If an unforeseen event forces a traveller to cancel or interrupt your plans, you may lose the money spent on non-refundable payments and medical expenses. When travelling outside the UK, you leave behind up to 90% of your government health insurance plan. It covers only a small portion of the cost of medical services outside your province of residence. Many health insurance plans do not make payments directly to foreign hospitals. Before you go on a trip, be sure to have good insurance in your luggage.

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We strongly suggest you book your travel insurance proceeding before the departure to purchase the cover. Each insurance policy has restrictions and exclusions. For more information, check the terms and conditions of the products you are interested in. Contact us for more information, and feel free to share your concerns. Our representatives are ready to take your call to answer your questions with confidence, provide you with recommendations, and even confirm your coverage. Get travel insurance on Flexicover promo codes and go with peace of mind!

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