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The television is often present in every home, it is better to have a good TV to watch our favorite programs. Find the TV of your dreams by Finlux Direct! We favor new technologies with UHD, OLED, Plasma and 3D, 4K TVs and accessories. The Finlux range of smart TVs is hugely successful today. With connected TV you can watch your shows in replay or find your apps directly on your TV. Thanks to our filters, choose the size, the resolution of the screen: Full HD, Smart TV, UHD or 4K. Compare prices from various merchants of this category and order the best that suits your needs through our online store. We offer free delivery, 14 days returns and a free 12-month warranty to our customers anywhere in the Great Britain.

The television generally enthroned in the living room, its design and picture quality should definitely please. That's why our manufactured TV models dress the shape of the foot, the finesse of the frame, the curvature of the screen and the finishes that are important. At Finlux Direct, you find everything suiting your budget and needs. Our range of Smart TVs, OLED, Plasma and 4K, UHD TV and accessories is the most shopped online. We offer additional TV equipment and functions, connectivity, remote control with keyboard and/or pointer, operating system, etc. for the best user experience and the quality of use of the device. Check out our voucher codes.

The Ultra HD / 4K are until now the top of the basket of Finlux Direct TV manufacturers. Today, you can equip in Ultra HD (UHD) diagonal of 40-65 inches. The Ultra HD widens the gap with Full HD TVs. It's on screens by 55 inches and up. The gain in pixels is palpable and the difference is its noticeable accuracy.  There are also curved slabs with a technical added value that allow the models to stand out from the aesthetic point of view. Find one of these models at an attractive price and do not hesitate, you will be sure to be satisfied. Get discount codes.

Television is a product that still offers many innovations. Some are real progress but the majority of new models that come out offer only a few small changes. We decided on the manufacturing of out Smart TVs with an amazingly sharp image. We started from the fact that if you buy a TV today, there is a 99% chance that it will be much better than the one you had before without having to spend a fortune. If you are an absolute fan of TV, we have worked on all the functions regardless of the price, provided a very positive feedback from users. Not to mention, the emotional bond woven by the consumers over the years with Finlux Direct is what we are proud of!

We have separated our classification into 3 categories:

•    Large (more than 46 "or more than 116 cm diagonal): for living rooms and more generally large rooms.

•    The averages (from 31 "to 45" is from 76 cm to 114 cm): for the intermediate rooms where the living rooms whose sofa is not located far from the screen. (It's these TVs that equip most homes.)

•    Small (up to 30 "or 76 cm): for kitchens, bedrooms or small lounges.

Given the number of references, it is of course not possible to find the all-in-one Smart TV that can perform comprehensively. Finlux TVs are a combination of technical test and consumer opinion. It allows us to be sure that our models have a quality/price ratio at the top for one who is just trying to replace their TV without breaking the bank. Order now using promo codes.