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Estee Lauder is one of the largest cosmetics franchises in the world. It is an essential beauty and fragrance brand in European fashion shows. The trademark has worked with renowned stylists and fashion magazines to develop according to the latest trends. To date, it maintains a leading position in the world of beauty, fragrance, and cosmetics. The collections are always influenced by fashion, art, and nature that continue to attract women all over the world. Get Estee Lauder discount code, coupon and promo code now

To keep pace with these words, Estee decided to tackle the fragrance market. The real motivation was to break the beliefs of who said that Americans had the right to use fragrance only on special occasions. The brand is the origin of offering free samples, the serum, the first range of men's treatments, muses and many other things that seem so normal today and yet were simply revolutionary at that time.

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Estee Lauder revolutionized the world of beauty! It has undeniably shown the way to others in the field of cosmetics thanks to a fierce determination to succeed, qualitative products but also an exceptional sense of marketing. A pioneer of buzz with simple ideas demonstrates the strength. It was the first brand to offer gifts to clients who bought products and the first to create coordinated product lines with international fashion collections.

In addition, the first to launch a face care range for men. It is also the one who developed the principle of the samples. According to Estee, a woman satisfied with a dose of tests will certainly buy the product, and will necessarily speak around it in a complimentary way. Use Estee Lauder voucher codes.

Quote: "The most beautiful face in the world? It's yours. ". The brand shows us the passion for beauty through this quote. This trademark completely revolutionized the world of cosmetics in 1946. From 1962, it invented the principle of the muse of a brand. The philosophy of this visionary woman revolutionized the beauty industry. In 1982, Estee launched Advanced Night Repair, the first repair serum in the history of cosmetics which is the best-known and best-selling serum in the world.

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A true beauty enthusiast! Estee, whose real name is Josephine Esther Mentzer, born July 1, 1906, in a family of Jewish immigrants was drawn to aesthetics. And to increase her intoxication for this grandiose universe, from an early age she decided to join her uncle John Schotz to create cosmetics at all costs. She managed to concoct home-made skin care for her family. 

In 1946, with the help of her husband, Joseph, she designed a range including a lotion, cleansing oil, and two creams. To top it off, she gave samples of her new products to her clients. Sometimes she scraped a little bit of lipstick, just to give it to the ladies so that they could try it at home and of course, they came back immediately! Know that the concept of free gift for any purchase is actually inspired by Madame.

It was with the help of her husband Joseph Lauder; she managed to attract customers and proudly presented four products: Super Rich All-Purpose Cream, Creme Pack, Cleansing Oil and Skin Lotion. After touring New York, these homemade products specially made by the Lauder couple gave life to a real cosmetic empire.  In 1984, the very popular "Youth Dew" became perfume with a huge turnover of 150 million dollars. The 1960s were a good time for business. In 1964, Aramis perfumes and men's toiletries were introduced and in 1968, it was the Clinique dermatological line. Today the brand is present in nearly 150 countries. Estee Lauder Discount code apply.

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