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Ecco Verde enlightens why organic skincare and makeup is a good choice. It is the best organic skincare and makeup brand in the current market. Discover the range of magnificent organic beauty products and its origins. It all started, curiously, through the hair and the world of fashion. With the rise of the supermodels of the 90s, what was carried were much-worked hair. Smoothed perfect or collected to attend a wedding. Get Ecco Verde discount code, promo and voucher codes

This required spending many hours with the dryer and the brush in hand. Or leave you half a salary to go to the hairdresser constantly. With the turn of the millennium, attitudes changed. The fashion world began to relax the rules. If before they had very worked hairs and perfectly made-up faces, now what they reward is truth. And thus came the trend known as the “no make-up” look and the birth of natural skincare, hair and makeup.

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At Ecco Verde, everything to do with the concept of well-being quickly became popular. We care how we live, what we eat, how much sport we practice and also the products we use every day. If our skin absorbs between 70-80% of what we apply, it is normal that we choose it carefully. It is where skin care ends and where makeup begins. The drawback of this “washed face” trend is that it was only suitable for people who have a clear skin. Or for those who would not mind showing dark circles, imperfections or spots. Get Nuxe Discount Code 

Makeup is power. It is imagination. Makeup is incredibly flexible and playful. Nonetheless, organic mineral make-up adapts to us. It makes us dream. Think of your makeup as if you were thinking of a piece of fruit or a tomato. The more natural it is, the more properties it gives you. If you have an orchard or are used to buying organic farming fruit, you are aware that you cannot spend a week without getting pocha. It is the normal process of not carrying preservatives.

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Ecco Verde grabs attention to set on skin care. We try to get the maximum effect of your care routine to be able to show more skin and less makeup. The more imperfections you see on your skin, the more you put on makeup. And the more you put on makeup, the less you allow your skin to breathe normally, which results in the appearance of those imperfections. Ecco Verde manages to unite the two concepts: skin care and makeup thanks to organic ingredients that blend with the skin. Don’t miss the Ecco Verde discount code and voucher codes.