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Diadem Jewellery represents the fruit of the imagination and the artistic sensibility of its designer. Drawing inspiration from the universe, the drawn collections are raw, wild and poetic. Anxious to offer quality creations to clients, the trademark has surrounded itself with the best suppliers and craftsmen gilders.  Get Diadem Jewellery discount code, voucher and promo codes

Diadem team of designers work and assembles all the jewels by hand. The retail shop is in the UK. Buying jewelry online is now easy and doesn’t require any precautions. It is the best way to reach the creator’s collections from limited edition to speciality shops. Handmade jewelry leaves us amazed and captures interest. We present a selection of arty trinkets that are original and unique creations. We also offer fancy jewelry to add a touch of madness and colour to your outfits, while others propose an assortment of classic pieces. There are jewels made of gold, silver, pearls and precious stones. Click for Diadem Jewellery discount code and promo codes.

Diadem Jewellery brings together the collection of handmade costume jewelry from the top designers. We can do a search depending on the type of jewelry  (ring, necklace, bracelet), the color, the designer or the price. We can even order a custom creation. Interestingly, the site specifies the exact quantity of products in stock.  We deliver worldwide. It takes 5-10 business days for delivery. Free delivery is also offered.

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The online store offers unique necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, created and manufactured by top-notch designers. Every piece is handmade. The jewelry of the fall collection is colorful, transformable, lightweight, hypoallergenic and affordable. There are also beautiful creations of beads mounted on copper wire. The advantage of online shopping is that it allows you to shop in the comfort of your living room, no matter what time of day.

Diadem Jewellery offers a variety of colourful costume jewellery combining materials as diverse as wood, stainless steel, semi-precious stones, glass, and resin. Each piece is unique and bears the signature of every designer. Search by the colour, by collection or by type of jewel: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Some of the pieces are exclusive and made from recycled and vintage objects. Delivery charges are added to the price of the order depending on the destination.

The first thing to evaluate is the quality of the jewel. For costume jewellery, we look at the type of materials used, the originality of the design, and the quality of the finish. Make sure to check the length of the bracelets and necklaces and carry it over. Think about the clothes you will wear with the jewel. Is it a turtleneck, a round neck or a shirt? The collection includes necklaces, pendants, detachable necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, some of which are transformed. There is also a large selection of multicoloured jewellery for children and teenagers.

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Buying a ring is tricky. Unless you choose an adjustable model, you often need to know its size. Diadem Jewellery offer grids to help you associate the size of their rings with the circumference of your finger. If not, it may be better to ask the question before finalizing your purchase. The value of a jewel is related to the greater or lesser proportion as well as the quality of the work and the stones that are set.  The site is full of elegant and eccentric collections for our gorgeous women. The designers also offer bespoke jewellery according to your budget. Each jewel is accurately described, including the quality of the materials used. Get your Diadem Jewellery discount code.