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CTi Knee Braces offers biomechanics knee braces both very useful and complex, supporting the weight of our body, the heart of motor skills and locomotion of the lower limbs. Extremely solicited, it serves us to walk, run, and sit. Bones like meniscus, femur, and tibia, external and internal ligaments, tendons, cartilages: all contribute to the flexibility and maintenance of the knee. The damaged knee or weakened element can quickly be the cause of severe pains. Therefore, out knew braces play a pivotal role. With nearly one in four people currently affected by knee problems, the knee sprain is a case study in sports trauma and orthopaedics. According to the winter sports for the 2015-2016 season, there were 150,000 wounded sledge sports, of which 29% are knee sprains, mainly due to the practice of alpine skiing. The knee brace also called orthosis or splint of the knee provides protection by ensuring greater support and better stabilization. But how do you know which knee brace to choose for which trauma, after sprain or knee surgery? Knee ligament or patellar? Which knee brace at which stage of treatment? What type of activity? The answers of our orthopaedic surgeons accompany you in the protection of your knee.

 The menisci (medial and external cartilage) act as a cushion and nesting between the femur and the tibia, to cushion shocks, to distribute the body weight and the synovial fluid to reduce friction. The lateral ligaments are on either side of the knee called lateral collateral ligament. These ligaments retain the excessive movements of torsion of the knee inwards and outwards.  The brace is inserted at the level and plays a role in the joint by holding the knee backward while opposing to the front drawer movement. Get CTi Knee Braces discount code and coupon code to avail discount.