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Coombe Farm Organic in the UK is one of the finest grass-fed meat suppliers since 1940. Coombe plays a major principle of organic farming. It is one of the most trusted businesses in the UK. How to get your meat?  You can buy your favorite cuts at retail or order online, at a reduced price. You can order a quarter or half cut beef to your liking and avail free delivery on your first box as well as 25% off on the third box.

By sourcing directly from the Coombe Farm Organic, you can enjoy a picnic in an enchanting setting and taste our famous leavened bread, cold cuts, cheeses, pies and other delicious baked goods. You can also buy a duck, lamb, wild turkey, chicken, fish, sausages, cold cuts, and eggs. All meats are carefully ripened and vacuum packaged for quality and freshness. Use promo codes to avail discounts.

Coombe Farm Organic provides 100% organic meats and cuts.  How does the organic meat at our farm make the difference? Organic meat remains meat and that at our farm we have always campaigned against overconsumption of meat. It is the dominant model and recalls the major disadvantages of meat diets or consumers being overproteinated. One of the areas of progress is organic meat, which focuses on key points of the debate on the place of meat in our Western diets. Voucher codes are now applicable.

Why buy organic meat at Coombe Farm?

The subject of repeated food scandals, criticized for its impact on the environment and for its farming conditions, organic meat is less popular. Its consumption is decreasing. Can organic meat change the game? If you are concerned about your health, here are some reasons that will make you appreciate our meat.

•          Farming at Coombe Farm Organic is done with foods that are free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, genetically modified grains (GMOs), steroids, antibiotics, growth hormones, colorants, animal by-products, medicated feeds, chemically extracted feed or synthetic feed. That's why we are talking about healthy meat.

•          Unlike meat from animals grown on industrial farms, organic meat rarely, if ever, causes allergic reactions.

•          Our cattle are roaming freely and feeding on pasture or fed on hay without being fattened with grain.

•          The meat of these exclusively grass-fed animals is low in fat and contains more omega-3 and vitamin E.

•          Our efforts are focused on lean meat production. We do not try to hasten the work of Mother Nature: our animals mature by taking the time they need. You get the benefit of a tasty meat with high nutritional value.

Our organic meats are not only tastier, they are also greener

•          Our animals have more space than those raised on industrial farms, which reduces the problems related to the high concentration of manure.

•          The demineralization of the soil is done naturally, without chemical fertilizers.

•          Our cultivation method gives back to the earth its balance and its organic richness and thus, contributes to clean up the environment.

•          We do not use pesticides or herbicides.


Environmentally friendly and virtuous practices

From the beginning, our organic production methods are much more respectful of the environment. Each production at Coombe Farm Organic has its specific constraints: a natural diet - grass; cereals (non-GMO) and pasture (without pesticides); no medicine for everyone. Click for discount codes.