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At Condom Outlet, you are sure to find the largest selection of condoms and lubricants in the world. Free delivery over £6.90 delivered in discreet packaging. And if you do not find a reference: ask for it, we will look for you! This online condom hub is also an important source of information about condoms and lubricants: advice, expert advice, instructions: everything you want to know! Get Condom Outlet discount code, voucher and promo codes

Condoms are the safest way to protect oneself from sexually transmitted diseases during sex. Condom Outlet has selected a range of condoms made of the best boxes of condoms on the market. You will be able to buy condoms from major brands at low prices including latex condoms without latex condoms or the one that suits you!

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Welcome to the page of best quality condoms and lubricants of well-known brands at Condom Outlet. This site sells the most popular products of the moment. Free, fast and discreet delivery is offered on orders above £6.90. Buy 10 condoms for £0.10 only. Get Condom Outlet promo codes and discount code.

Pay attention to standards

Many individuals buy condoms without bothering to check the information provided on the boxes. The standard that is applied to it guarantees the good quality of the condom. You’ll find two NF and CE logos on condom packs. The CE standard justifies that the product complies with the essential requirements for the protection of sexual intercourse. The NF standard reflects the good quality of the condom according to specific criteria, such as size, burst pressure, strength, colour stability and the absence of perforations. Get Perfume Click discount code

Pay attention to allergies             

Some people are allergic to latex. Make sure you are not in this category of people who represent more than 10% of the world's population. You should know that the majority of condoms are made of latex, but there are still models in polyurethane or in deproteinized latex.

How to choose male condoms?

With a large number of condoms on sale in shops, it is not always easy for a beginner to know the right condom to buy. Many say that you just have to buy according to the size of the penis. Always choose your condoms according to this measurement, because often manufacturers only mention the width of the boxes of condoms. This width is between 47 and 69 mm. 

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As a rule, you have to try some condoms before finding the right one. It is very rare that you find what suits you on the first try. If you start your sex life, always choose a package that has a detailed user guide. Fragrance and colour are not important choice criteria since they have no effect on the good quality of the product. They depend on everyone's taste (chocolate, mint, red, green, pink and so on). However, prefer a condom well lubricated and anatomically shaped. This last point is essential because this type of condom offers maximum comfort and more pleasant use. At Condom Outlet discount code. coupon and voucher codes apply.