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Consider us when looking for the best double edge razor blades. We offer alternative shaving blades at your doorsteps as less as in £1. One of the reasons why it can be difficult to choose the right product from the best double edge razor blades is in size and design. Indeed, it is the same for all. It is an industry-standard that must be respected by all manufacturers. Get Clean Shaven discount code, promo and voucher codes

The blade must all fit into any safety razor, so it is natural that there is a standard size. We highlight those elements that apply to all double-edged razor blades. The blades we offer are made of stainless steel and have an additional coating. There are many types of coatings, and some manufacturers add it on their own. However, as a general rule, the razor blades are made of coated stainless steel.

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There are other factors that contribute to how the blade will cut, such as the thickness of the beard, your beard style, your favorite shaving soap or your favorite shaving cream, the shape of your face and last place, your razor model. There is no surefire way to say that the blade will be the right one for you. But we just want to make it clear because it's important to understand that you'll probably have to do several tests with different blades before you find the one that you will be perfect. Order now using Clean Shaven Voucher and discount code 

There are many factors that come into play for the duration of your blade over time. Most razor blades will last about 4-5 shaves, but again, the duration may vary. Our blades are of high quality hardened steel dipped in a mix of chrome ceramics, tungsten, and platinum which is a proprietary blend. The blades are then coated with a polymer to add comfort to the user. This polymer makes these blades softer, making them perfect for beginners. The long-lasting lubricating tape provides incredible slip. Enjoy Clean Shaven voucher codes and coupons here.


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