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Fashion is simple for women who love to acknowledge their femininity. And, it can be flaunted by just putting on a dress. A summer dress can be both fun and sensual. The dress is – and will remain – the uniform of the modern woman, free of all complexes. Scrolling for the best summer picks this season? Well, George at ASDA discount code has got you covered.

With elegance often on the skin, the summer dress, with chimerical tone, is reinterpreted this season in lace, silk or cotton with asymmetrical cuts. Find out the hottest spring-summer dresses to adopt this season. Let it be said, the long dress still sets the tone this season. Bohemian, vintage or simply classic, it’s time to discover George selection of long dresses for a dreamy summer. Order now before it’s gone with George at ASDA discount code.

The bohemian dress

A classic hit of the summer wardrobe, the bohemian dress shows sophistication. The materials are polished, puffed up with floral motifs and glitzy embellishments embroidered in satin, silk, cotton or lace.


Just as the precious colours (yellow, red, imperial blue, etc.) weave a romanticism that creeps into all-over: minute embroidery, floral ornaments, mother-of-pearl sticks, and XXL pearls.

The slip-dress

The iconic trend of the 90s! It was introduced by the wonder model of the time – like Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell or Cindy Crawford.


The slip-dress often looks like a nightie. It makes a masterful return on parades and therefore, as anticipated, in the locker room of stylish girls. Click George at ASDA promo code and discount code to order now!

The graphics dress


Flamboyant or chic, the graphic dress has the desire to unveil its presence via geometrical cut-out, thus enlightening femininity. This arch-structured dress is laced with often a slit on one side. Wear it for an enviable silhouette in an evening or at a beach. Do not overdo accessories. Keep it light in summer.

The iconic little dress


The little dress – which is not only black – is one of the most popular pieces of the season. A mini length is often tempered by clean cuts and neutral shades. It certainly leaves you looking glamorous.

The disco dress

To shine this summer, sparkling dresses from the aesthetics like metallic satin and sequined embroidery outline a bell-like effect. It’s simply luminous.  Again, do not wear with glitzy ornaments. To order now with additional savings, click George at ASDA coupon code discount code.

Long dresses will be loved this summer


The long dress follows the movements of the body with an airy pace, without ever really revealing it. Its casual style offers a delicate and dreamy silhouette, ideal for the summer season. Its bohemian, gipsy or hippie chic influences have fun with the material through games of transparencies, cutouts, floral or ethnic prints while favouring the lace, the crochet, or the cotton voile for a backdrop. As for colours, they are alternately intense, neutral or pastel. You can avail George at ASDA discount code free delivery in the UK.

How to wear a long dress?

The long dress can nevertheless be worn in the city. Just know these few tips.


The idea is to break its nonchalant and romantic side. It is therefore worn with a pair of sneakers, such as Converses for example, or with boots for a folk spirit. On the side of accessories, we avoid doing too much. A shoulder bag or purse-shaped bag will do the trick. Accompany with a jacket and a belt to accentuate the volume, you’re ready to step on the runway!

On holiday


If you’re in the country or on the beach and the weather is sunny, wear your dress with pretty flat sandals. The petite ones opt for a length to emphasize the silhouette. On the side of the accessories, play the casual with a beautiful long necklace, a bag or a nice basket. Don’t miss the George at ASDA promo code.

Cocktail dresses in summer to shine at a wedding

When it comes to cocktail dresses, the choices can be missing out the evening wear. Focus on dresses in which we already see ourselves dancing at a wedding. The choice of a cocktail dress can quickly become complicated. Our style mantra: keep it effortless by gathering ruffles for a sleek look.


Length, style, colour!

Lists of non-exhaustive features that can sometimes make you want to cancel your evening. To avoid this (and keep an impression of social life), put on the right cut and avoid hours of useless fitting. All you need to do is choose your category in order to go to the evening with confidence.

The romantic wedding cocktail dress


Choose a lace dress. Empire, skater or very long: it adapts to all occasions on the assumption that time lends itself. It is accessorized with a bohemian hairstyle and a well-chosen headband to play for a guaranteed effect.

 The Rock’n’Roll cocktail dress


The perfect excuse for the little black dress is the Rock’n’Roll version. Opt for a petite model and a jacket.  Don’t overwork with useless accessories. Order this up-to-the-minute look with George at ASDA free delivery.

The choice “femme fatale”


We draw the evening dresses from celebrities. We take the competition and imitate the best red carpet looks. Long dress, split, neckline: we take care only not to fall for a bad taste. Stay away from the satin.

 The minimalist cocktail dress


If none of the proposals already stated have convinced you, you still have the option “absolute minimalism”. A stylistic excuse for clearing yourself of any effort and allowing you to jump into the first white dress found. No need for accessories or beauty, you are ready to go out. You are all geared to flaunt the best now!

 Short dresses to bring summer


The short dress dignifies femininity. It becomes the flagship piece of summer. A basic piece of women’s wardrobe, the short-sleeved summer dress returns this season to flatter the tanned legs. Plain or printed, bohemian or retro, with thin straps or bare shoulders, George at ASDA discount code shares an overview of short dresses that will make summer a hit!

The Bardot


Always daring, it is the short dress with bare shoulders. Inspired by the Bardot top, it is an iconic piece inherited from Brigitte Bardot’s wardrobe. It promises a vintage and very feminine look that is enhanced by a pair of sandals and a wicker basket.

The short dress with thin straps


With its impression to the nightie dress, the thin straps unquestionably pop out to turn out to be the IT-dress. Imagine an emerald green model with seductive straps. The spaghetti straps are accompanied by flounce and a romantic floral print. Take advantage of the George at ASDA discount code and coupon code offer.

The bohemian short dress

Find it in a minimalist version. Clean lines and bohemian look, all in a soft pink powder that flatters the tan. The dresses are adorned with discreet ethnic prints and summer pompoms.

How to wear a little white dress?


Immortalized by Marilyn Monroe, the little white dress is mandatory every year in the dressing room of the beautiful days. This summer, let’s trade the traditional little black dress for with the little white dress. With its chic and casual look, the immaculate dress embraces all styles with disconcerting ease. To adopt the white dress, we have customs to sport it day and night.

 The white dress city version


Wear a white dress in the city is to associate it with rock-style pieces. To perfect its look of the city, get a pair of white sneakers. In a whirlwind, put on a pair of sandals, and urbane costume jewellery.

The white dress beach version

There is nothing better than the pristine dress to show off your tan and look good. Think of a basket, straw hat, and sunglasses. All and all, it’s chic and comfortable.

For the love of lace


A sure bet for the summer season, the lace dress is available in both chic and romantic versions. Explore the most desirable models. The little lace dress is a must! Romantic, elegant, it is and can be worn everywhere all the time. From the garden party to office meetings, especially when it’s very hot. From parades to ready-to-wear boutiques, it remains a sure bet despite the baby doll looks. Discern the trends along with George at ASDA discount code and voucher codes.

How to wear a lace dress?

We tend to consider a lace dress reserved for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and other receptions.

Which swimsuit do women choose for summer?

Get our advice and glamorous shopping alternative along with summer dresses such as summer beachwear to find the one-piece or two-piece that will sublimate your silhouette this summer. Don’t let go the George at ASDA discount code free delivery offer.

Swimsuit trends


For the summer, women’s swimsuits are inspired by fashion trends on the catwalk! We have seen that the chic ethnic prints, inspired by African or Native American fabrics of the season. These exotic prints spotted on the parades are now invading women’s swimsuits in the summer. In terms of colors, pastel remains trendy this season! Ideal to highlight the tan, the flashy ones will be in all suitcases! The black swimsuit is a safe bet for those who stay chic even lazing on a beach towel!

A one-piece swimsuit or a bikini

With the benefits of the trikini, the one-piece swimsuit is no longer reserved for swimmers! On the contrary, it is adorned with jewels and dares the deep neckline to play it sophisticated at the beach bar!


The two-piece is the darling of idlers! It’s also the most popular woman’s swimsuit on the beaches since it allows you to tan without the traces!

Swimsuit according to your morphology

Do you admire the silhouette like Jessica Alba, twig-like Kate Moss, or in pear like Rihanna? Each silhouette has a swimsuit! We help you to see more clearly thanks to the practical guide inspired by the stars!


And if you have doubts, take the test to know “what swimsuit is made for you”! One-piece tropical print, asymmetrical headband, triangle bikini- seize the summer love!

The cap on the sun with the collection of swimsuits

For spring-summer, we unveil a collection of colourful swimsuits, drawing inspiration from the seventies for deliciously retro and more feminine beachwear than ever before.


A passionate colour palette awakens our desires to escape with hints of honey, spices, and sand that warm up the tanned skin, not to mention the lemon yellow, and the ocean blue.

Summer looks bright!

A retro whim blows on the collection. The everlasting tropical motifs, trees are ones we all love. A liberty print makes a sensation, while the laser cuts, touches and embroidered details complete the look for a glamorous reinvented and modernized side. What to do with the shade, and even in the sun.

The sport collection

It’s out of the question to make it easy for training collection: summer will be sporty. Without neglecting the style, each piece is designed to combine technicality and pace. This result in lines that adapt according to the needs related to one or the other sports practice and its level of intensity. Thus, the line “training” is for runners, boxers, while the line “soft sport” is for soft sports like yoga or Pilate, as for the line “swimming” it is intended for swimmers. We spot bras that guarantee a wonderful fit for maximum ease. In short, this summer is about the most desirable technical collection.

Why pick a black swimsuit?

The black swimsuit is stylish and eternal in this summer. A black swimsuit comes out to meet the summer challenge with serenity. Get George at ASDA discount code.


Sober and naturally elegant, it ensures a maximized “wow” effect. You can choose it in one or two forms. If you prefer to reveal the minimum skin possible, we necessarily choose the dark version of the Pamela Anderson in Malibu Alert, ideal to display a flat stomach and legs tapered.  We all are a fan of the bikini, especially a retro pick as loved by our Hollywood stars.

How to accessorize the black swimsuit?

Unlike its printed peers, the black swimsuit has the merit of being practised both on the beach and in the city. If for a lunch at the hut of the corner, a hat and some jewels are enough to upgrade. We opt for the equation jersey + shorts + sneakers for an in town look.


Convinced? Check out our selection of summer dresses and beachwear online. Make the most of the George at ASDA voucher codes and discount code.

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